Saturday, March 4, 2017

Writers of Chantilly Pub List, Updated

There've been some additions lately, so let's post this again. Here's the comprehensive list of published books by Writers of Chantilly authors and friends:

F. Clifton Berry
Medics at War: Military Medicine From Colonial Times to the 21st Century (2005)--military history
United States Army at War: 9/11 Through Iraq (2003)--military history
Milestones of the First Century of Flight (2002)--history
Inside the CIA: Art, Architecture & Atmosphere of America's Premiere Intelligence Agency (1997)--non-fiction history and art
Spies, Black Ties, and Mango Pies: Stories and Recipes From CIA Families All Over the World (1997)--cookbook
Inventing the Future: How Science and Technology Change Our World--textbook
CNN: War In the Gulf: From the Invasion of Kuwait to the Day of Victory and Beyond (1991)--military history
Strike Aircraft (1988)--military history, Illustrated History of the Vietnam War series
Gadget Warfares (1988)--military history, Illustrated History of the Vietnam War series
Chargerss (1988)--military history, Illustrated History of the Vietnam War series
Air Cav (1988)--military history, Illustrated History of the Vietnam War series
Sky Soldiers (1987)--military history, Illustrated History of the Vietnam War series

Edgar N. Brown
Memoirs (2016)--memoir (not (yet?) available through Amazon)

Karen Brown
A Hard Dry Road (2003)--contemporary novel

Robert Cantrell
Outpacing the Competition: Patent-Based Business Strategy (2009)--business strategic planning
Understanding Sun Tzu on the Art of War (2004)--military history, philosophy
Art of War: Sun Tzu Strategy Card Deck: 54 Winning Strategies (2004)--card game guide

Loretta Cordova
Five Centuries in Puerto Rico: Portraits and Eras (1993)--history

M A. Florence
Red Flag Warning (2012)--contemporary novel
The Animal Parade (2012)--children's book

Mary Ellen Gavin
Secrets of the Apple Tree Tavern (2014)--family saga, part I of Irish Fires series
Hiding Places at Barrington Hall: Hannelley and Hennessey Investigations (2012)--mystery

Angela Glascock
Locksmith at the End of the World: A Dead Silence Novella (2015)--horror novella, part I of Dead Silence series

Sunny Hersh
Is it HOT in Here, or Am I Just HOT? (2007)--self-help
Midlife Mamas on the Moon: Celebrate Great Health, Friendships, Sex, and Money and Launch Your Second Life (2004)--self-help

Betty Hyland
Benedictine Bloodhounds (2010, paperback edition)--historical mystery novellas
A Thousand Cloudy Days: Three Months In the Life of a Schizophrenic Man (2010)--memoir
Hope in Hell (2007)--mystery thriller
The Girl With the Crazy Brother (2002, paperback edition)--novel

Richard Katchmark
(New!) Dancing With Dolphins (2016)--contemporary novel
Parable of the Three Butterflies (2015)--novella
The Creator--My Friend (2013)--short stories, essays
New Beginnings (2013)--short stories, essays
Quiet Listening (2012)--short stories, essays
You're Invited to More of My World (2012)--short stories, essays
You're Invited to My World (2009)--short stories, essays

Kara Keen
(New!) Educating Anthony (2016)--contemporary romance, part III of Captain's Orders trilogy
(New!) Two Much (2016)--new adult romance
Romancing Vegas (2015)--contemporary romance, part II of Captain's Orders trilogy
Captain's Orders (2015)--contemporary romance, part I of a Captain's Orders trilogy

Dana King
(New!) Worst Enemies (reissued 2016)--hard-boiled crime, part I of Penn's River series
(New!) A Dangerous Lesson (2016)--hard-boiled crime, part IV of Nick Forte series
The Man in the Window (2015)--hard-boiled crime, part III of Nick Forte series
The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (2014)--hard-boiled crime, part II of Nick Forte series
Grind Joint (2013)--hard-boiled crime, part II of Penn's River series
A Small Sacrifice (2013)--hard-boiled crime, part I of Nick Forte series
Wild Bill (2011)--hard-boiled crime

Kalyani Kurup
A Journey to Self Publishing (2013)--memoir/non-fiction essays
The Elephant's Trunk and Other Stories (2013)--children's stories, part I of a series
The Elephant's Revenge and Other Stories (2013)--children's stories, part II of a series
The Vanished and Vanquished (2013)--novel

John H. Matthews
(New!) Designated Survivor (2016)--espionage thriller
(New!) Red Grace: A Grace Short Story (2016)--short story, accompanies Designated Survivor
Ballyvaughan (2015)--hard-boiled crime, part II of Eddie Holland series
The South Coast (2013)--hard-boiled crime, part I of Eddie Holland series

Lisa Maxwell
(New!) Unhooked (2016)--YA fantasy
Gathering Deep (2015)--YA fantasy
Sweet Unrest (2014)--YA fantasy

S.C. Megale
Marvelous Mercer: All Paws on Deck (2009)--children's book, Marvelous Mercer series
Marvelous Mercer: The Secret Project (2008)--children's book, Marvelous Mercer series
Marvelous Mercer (2007)--children's book, Marvelous Mercer series

John Stipa
(New!) The Angel Solution (2016)--mystery thriller
The Foiled Knight (2013)--romantic suspense
No Greater Sacrifice (2009)--mystery thriller

Pat Williams
(New!) Say The Right Thing: Everyone's Guide to What to Say in Challenging Situations (2015)--self-help

Writers of Chantilly Anthologies
(New!) Rewrite the Ending To... (2016)--anthology
Secrets, Lies, and Sighs (2015)--anthology
Unfinished Business (2014)--anthology
Etched in Memory (2013)--anthology
Nana...and Other Grandmothers (2012)--anthology
A Medley of Mischief, Mayhem, and Madness (2011)--anthology
Scales, Tales, and Webbed Feet (2009)--anthology
Childhood Memories of the Writers of Chantilly (2008)--anthology
We're in the Money (2005)--anthology
We Celebrate the Macabre (2002)--anthology
And Still We Celebrate (2001)--anthology

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