Monday, September 9, 2013

Grandmother's Day Event!

Here are some pictures from our Grandmother's Day event on 9 September!

 (Above) Here are the pictures and treasures related to everybody's grandmothers.
 (Above) The Writers of Chantilly anthologies
(Above) Here all the books our authors have written.  Impressive!
 (Above) Members of the WoC

  (Above) More members.  A good-looking bunch!
(Above) The very talented winners of the Grandmother Writing contest!


  1. Looks like a complete success. I'm sorry I couldn't make it; scheduling did not allow. I'm penciling in the date for next year.

  2. I too wish I was there. I was traveling. So glad that everyone had a great time. This is great how this group is evolving and participating in events. I am thrilled.